The adventure of a Lifetime!

In today’s modern society, many of us live our lives by accident. We take things as they come, not realising that time waits for no man.

I was the same.

In the midst of the covid pandemic in 2020, I came to a realization that I was “trailing behind” in every area of life. I was obese, lost in life, afraid of the future, seemingly happy but introvertedly lonely.

I had no sense where my life was headed, but I knew if I continued what I was doing, I will come to the end of my life with regrets.

Fortunately, a chance encounter with the concept of embracing a growth mindset shone some light at the end of the tunnel and I took a leap of faith to pursue it.

Today I’m a work in progress and will always be. Learnt to value myself for the sincere pursuit of my goals and showing up everyday. Learnt that I have to be willing to suck at something if I want to become good.

I’m documenting my thoughts and learnings. If you are feeling lost, scared and alone, please reach out. Know that there is hope. You may not be there YET, but you can be.