hey there. I’m Kian Ann.

I’m on my adventure to do hard things everyday.

Wanna come along?

The adventure of a Lifetime!

As I set out on this perilous journey, I know that the road ahead will be fraught with danger and uncertainty.

Deep in the dark lairs that lie ahead, I will have to confront my inner demons, and come face to face with my deepest fears, weaknesses and inadequacies…

But I’ll choose to drive myself with an enduring spirit of optimism and curiosity, knowing that this journey will be filled with just as much beauty and wonder as it is with challenge.

Along the way, I hope to forge new bonds with friends and allies, uncover the treasures hidden behind my mistakes, discover new vistas of love, wealth, and joy, and ultimately find fulfilment in discovering what I am truly made of.

… for this adventure not just a physical journey, but a voyage of self-discovery.

The adventure of a Lifetime!

Look… life can be hard.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of living life on autopilot. It’s easy to go through the motions, unaware of how quickly time passes us by.